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Debt consolidation

This process was relatively easy. No one wants to have to call and ask help but once you get past that and call, they don't treat you like you're less of a person for getting yourself into this position. I greatly appreciated that!

Autumn of Cocoa, FL

NDR program

All associates with NDR have been professional and reassuring. As we enter the rest of the program, we'll see how the program really works and see how effective it is. Every step has been explained fully and I understand the process. I'm sure questions will arise and I hope the program works.

Anthony of Jacksonville, FL

I was so happy I called NDR

I am drowning with debt now. I called NDR and I was so relief what they had to say. Thank god. Hoping to get help and just to not worry about anything. Cause I keep thinking about my debt. NDR will sure help me. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Redenthor of New Port Richey, FL

Friendly staff

The staff is friendly and willing to explain the whole process and steps. Also they answer every questions that you might have. The online portal is easy to use and user-friendly. Every topic that was discussed was emailed to me for my records. Thank You!!!

Felix of Philadelphia, PA

Debt relief

Excellent customer service, very well explained on anything I had asked. I am very excited to becoming debt free. I was drowning and stressed out until I called National Debt Relief and they made me feel like everything was gonna be ok.

Friedaanne of Yakima, WA

Very helpful and nice makes me feel like I can breathe again...

Very helpful and nice, makes me feel like I can breathe again. Will definitely refer to anyone in need of debt relief. Great at explaining things what they're going to do, how they are gonna do it and how I will get the help I need.

Christopher of WAUKESHA, WI

A+ to Jeff and Rosa

I worked with Jeff who walked me through the process of the application and explained everything very professionally and efficiently. He really took his time and explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions. On my Welcome Call, I spoke with Rosa who also took her time and explained everything. Both of these people made the process very simple and were very efficient and professional. I was initially very nervous about this and they both made me feel very much at ease.

Deborah of Knoxville, TN

Courteous and friendly

Courteous and friendly. Royce did a great job in explaining the program and I feel confident I will be taken care of. It feels good to be on the right path to get rid of debt and begin to save money instead of hemorrhage it. Thanks for your help, looking forward to writing another glaring review at the end of my program.

Andrew of Aurora, CO

Initial enrollment

The level of knowledge, compassion and professionalism is outstanding. The representatives I dealt with took time to explain everything in a transparent manner. They were kind and not once passed judgment. I am looking forward to working with National Debt Relief.

Maria of Yakima, WA